Why be fly? When you can be SUPERFLY!

Introducing SUPERFLY SOUNDZ, more than a production company or a label, SUPERFLY SOUNDZ is a statement! A force striving to create and release high quality art, through all things music and merch. Inspired by the grooves of the 60s & 70s mixed with the raw feeling that embodies the 90s. SUPERFLY SOUNDZ flips those aesthetics and layers them with a feeling of something new. The founder, PUSHAMAN created SUPERFLY SOUNDZ in order to legitimize his business opportunities in the music world. Building with those who inspire and destroying entities that seek to discredit the culture that we know as Hip-Hop. SUPERFLY SOUNDZ represents that raw, unfiltered and unapologetic attitude that we remember from the 90s, where hip-hop reigned supreme and the beats were just as fresh as the kicks on your feet. Where lyricism held just as much weight as Chuck D’s uzi (that being a ton) and where “party n bullsh*t” was a Christopher Wallace record, rather than a sub genre. This harmonious fusion of eras, produces a sound unlike any other, a sound that transcends time and resonates with every fiber of your being.